The Future of the Instrument Cluster: Audi’s New Virtual Cockpit

The Audi Virtual Cockpit is the next evolution of the basic instrument cluster. It’s part of our cars that manufacturers have been trying to improve on for years, but most fresh ideas don’t make it past the concept phase. Audi… Continue Reading →

How Your Smartphone Keeps You Connected Behind the Wheel of Your Audi

In the information era, it seems like everything is connected. Your computer, tablet, smartphone, even your television connect through the internet. You spend a major portion of time in your car every day. Shouldn’t it be connected, too? Audi thinks… Continue Reading →

BMW xDrive® vs. Audi quattro®: Who Has the Superior All-Wheel Drive System?

German manufacturers like Audi hold the consensus gold standard in all-wheel drive systems. Audi in particular has led innovation in all-wheel drive systems since the early 1980s with their famous quattro® system. On the other hand, BMW offers drivers its… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Leasing an Audi

  Wish to drive the latest Audi models but don’t want to commit to buying anything? Leasing is your ticket to ride. By leasing your vehicle, you can take hold of a brand new Audi, drive it as long as… Continue Reading →

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