It takes little to no time to check or replace the battery in your Audi, but often this task is the last thing on our minds. In fact, we tend to overlook the health of our car batteries until they begin to malfunction. Unfortunately, failing to check or replace your battery will eventually lead to a major disruption in your day. 

Learn how to seamlessly integrate battery checks into your routine car maintenance schedule below, and mind the following red flags which could indicate your battery is nearing the end of its usefulness. 

Audi Batteries Service

How Often Should I Change the Battery? 

The length of a car battery’s life depends on a few factors, but a good estimate would be anywhere from three to six years. However, as the battery starts to fail, electrical components and features of your car may begin to malfunction. For this reason, most car mechanics recommend switching out your battery every four years so that you can stay ahead of these electrical disruptions.

What Signs Indicate the Battery Is Dying? 

Some of the early warning signs that your battery is dying include dim headlights, your engine taking longer to start, and of course, an activated battery warning light in your dashboard. 

Dim headlights can be a hazard to you and other drivers while traveling in dark road conditions, so it’s vital that you schedule service at your local Audi Service Center once you start to notice this change. An engine taking longer than normal to turn over can be stress inducing and may indicate you are only days away from finding yourself with a dead battery. If the battery warning light is blinking, you need to head to a service station as soon as possible. There’s a good chance you won’t be able to turn the car on again without a new battery.

How Can I Be Sure It’s the Battery That’s Malfunctioning? 

While these malfunctions are commonly signs of a dead or dying battery, there could be other culprits at work, and that’s why it’s so important to get your car serviced as soon as you notice them. 

Schedule Battery Service in Upper Saddle River, NJ

Don’t continue to ignore these signs just to find yourself stranded and waiting for a good samaritan to help you jump your car. Our team at Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River can quickly diagnose your battery problems and will quickly replace your battery if necessary. Schedule service today.