Everyone knows that you should bring your car in for an oil change when the service light comes on. But what are the other signs you should know about? You’ll find three of the most common below.

3 Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

New oil appearance

You should be checking your oil consistently and know what it looks like when it’s clean. Fresh oil has an amber or light brown color. Oil dipsticks vary in appearance, yet they all have two markings. The highest mark is the max fill line, and the lowest mark is the minimum fill line. It can damage your engine if the car has too little oil or too much oil.

Dark or sludgy oil consistency

When you’re accustomed to checking your oil at least periodically, you’ll notice when the color and thickness changes. It can get thick, dirty, or sludgy — especially when you go longer between changes. That means it’s time for an oil change, even if you have a newer vehicle with a service light that isn’t lighting up yet.

Oil Drips and New Noises

A low oil level or oil drips under the car are often signs of a bigger problem. Smoke coming from the engine or the exhaust is also cause for concern. Trust your gut. If it seems like your car is using more oil than usual or smoking periodically, get it serviced.

Likewise, if your car starts making noises like knocking or ticking, that’s a sign that the oil needs to be changed and the car needs an inspection.

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