It’s no secret that winter is one of the most heavily traveled seasons of the year, and with all of the holiday festivities, it’s no wonder why.

Driving over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house might be fun in fair weather — but it’s a different story in the snow. Unless you have quattro® all-wheel drive, that is.

You might know that Audi’s legendary quattro® all-wheel drive enhances performance on dry roads. But can it really enhance your experience in slick wintery road conditions? Keep reading to find out how this iconic drivetrain optimizes your winter drive.  

4 Ways Audi quattro® Makes Driving in the Snow Easier

Better traction

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, is no stranger to snow and sleet during the harsh winter months. But neither is the quattro® all-wheel drive system. Audi’s drivetrain knows exactly when to transfer power to the appropriate wheels, which minimizes slipping, skidding, and sliding.

Improved acceleration

Starting from a stop can be tricky business in a winter wonderland. But while other vehicles spin out, Audi cars and SUVs accelerate with minimal resistance when equipped with quattro® all-wheel drive. The secret? Traction equally distributed among all four tires.

Easier towing

Holiday getaways and family visits often require extra baggage, and you don’t always have room to spare in the cabin. Hauling can be intimidating in treacherous weather. That’s why quattro® all-wheel drive gives your Audi Q-Series model better footing so that you can feel confident as you’re dashing through the snow.   

More responsive braking and cornering

It’s true: quattro® alone won’t drastically improve braking and cornering under inclement circumstances. But when paired with winter tires, your AWD drivetrain will outperform FWD and RWD models in stopping and turning.

To learn more about how quattro®-equipped vehicles handle the snow, check out the following video from the official Audi USA YouTube channel:  

Embrace quattro® Capability in Upper Saddle River, NJ

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