Once your Audi makes it to the 10,000-mile or the 1-year mark (whichever comes first), you’ll want to schedule an inspection and take care of some minor maintenance tasks. Each Audi model has specific Audi maintenance schedules, but some of the basic tasks are the same. Continue reading to learn which steps you should take once you reach this important milestone. 

The 10,000-Mile Audi Maintenance Checklist

Check the Brakes

While the mechanics of the brake system should still be in excellent condition, the 10,000-mile mark is when you’ll want to take a look at your brake pads. Over time, these pads wear down and will need to be replaced. Depending on the type of brake pads you have, you’ll want to ensure they are the appropriate thickness so that your car is able to stop when expected. Use this mile marker as an opportunity to take proactive measures against any future damages. 

Change Out the Oil and Filters

Another maintenance task you’ll want to take care of is to change out your oil and oil filters. Oil is an essential lubricant for the inner workings of your engine. Without it, the engine will seize up and cease to work. Over time, the oil will pick up dirt and grime which will continue to cycle through the engine causing irreparable damage. Changing the oil as well as the filters according to the recommendations of a trusted technician will help keep your engine running smoothly. 

Tire Repair

Now that you’ve gotten some miles under your wheels, it’s time to give your tires a quick inspection for tire tread, proper inflation, and possible damages. If the tires appear to be in good shape, schedule an appointment to have your tires rotated and your wheels aligned. Rotating your tires will help to ensure your tires age evenly so that no single tire becomes overused. This is especially important if your Audi has All-Wheel Drive (AWD) since all four tires typically have to be replaced if a single tire is damaged. 

Schedule Maintenance in Upper Saddle River, NJ

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