Audi knows how important it is for drivers to stay connected on their journey. Getting from place to place is more complicated than going in a straight line. There are traffic lights, construction sites, accidents, pedestrians, and more unpredictable events that can cause your direct path to detour.

That’s why Audi connect® is available on new Audi cars & SUVs to help you stay aware and informed while you drive.

What is Audi connect®?

Audi connect® is an intuitive system that understands how you experience the road while you’re driving and adapts to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a parking space, searching for the best fuel price, or need to avoid a traffic jam on your way to work, Audi connect® is here for you.

Audi connect® taps into your Audi’s MMI® touch response display. That makes it easy to set up navigation, find Connected POI (Points of Interest), and listen to music and talk radio. You can also access Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

What Features are Available?

Whether you’re headed to work, a ball game, or to dinner with friends, the Google Earth™ app provides your route in 3D on the MMI® display. You can stay up-to-date on the changing traffic conditions as well. As lights change, construction season starts up, or accidents occur on the highway, Audi connect® will keep you informed.

Audi connect® is engineered with a refined voice-recognition system that lets you speak naturally to interact with the vehicle. If you say “I need to find a gas station,” Audi connect® will search for stations within your vicinity and with the best prices.

The weather can change as much as traffic patterns do. That’s why Audi connect® provides access to weather information quickly. You can learn if a storm is heading your way, if it’s snowing at your destination, or if the sun is shining along your route. Radar imagery, hourly outlooks, and current forecasts offer the information needed to make adjustments to your current driving direction.

How Does it Help You Stay Connected?

Audi connect® creates an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot using a 4G LTE signal. That means up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices can stream music, play games, or surf the web on your journey.

Find Vehicles With Audi connect® in Upper Saddle River, NJ

Visit our dealership in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey to test drive the 2019 Audi A6, 2019 Audi A7, or 2019 Audi A8. Check out our Audi technology tutorial videos to learn more about Audi connect®.