It’s not uncommon to see all types of masks during fall-time festivities.

The all-new 2018 Audi A4 should know because it wears a lot of them. Alluring, sophisticated, and highly-capable, the new A4 is dressed to impress. But its looks are no facade — this luxury sedan is the real deal. That’s why you’ll be in for a treat when you lease one this season from Jack Daniels Audi in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

Here are five roles the Audi A4 plays.

Pick Your Lease: The 5 Fantastic Faces of the 2018 Audi A4

  • The Cover Model

The new Audi A4 doesn’t need a filter — it looks good enough for the front page from every angle. With the purposeful, aerodynamic S line® exterior and dramatic Singleframe® grille, this luxury sedan should win any costume contest. And when you opt for the refinements of the Sport Plus Package, there won’t be any competition for most attractive on the road.

A close-up of the 2018 Audi A4's Singleframe grille

  • The Pilot

You may not have earned your wings, but you don’t need them when you lease the new A4. The available Audi virtual cockpit turns every road into an airway, making navigation a breeze. But there’s no need to communicate with ground control. With the available Head-Up Display, you’ll be in complete control of every trip.

  • The Rally Racer

While other upscale cars talk a good game, the new A4 is all bark and all bite. With a vigorous 252-horsepower turbocharged 2.0 TSFI® engine, the A4 howls at the moon. And with an S tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission that contributes to hairpin handling and dynamic road manners, you just might feel like howling, too.

A close-up of the 2018 Audi A4's TFSI® engine

  • The Easy Rider

The new A4 doesn’t just weather the elements — it invites them. Coupling iconic quattro® all-wheel drive with ultra® technology, this surefooted sedan makes for a smooth and calm ride regardless of rain or shine. That’s why you’ll be one cool customer when you sign and drive today.

  • The Protector

Audi may push the envelope, but it plays it safe when it needs to. With cutting edge predictive technology, the new A4 protects you and yours from the unexpected on the road. Audi pre sense® basic and pre sense® city are standard on the new model, but Audi’s safety innovation is anything but conventional.

A graphic representation of the 2018 Audi A4 using a feature on Audi pre sense®

Lock In Legendary Performance in Upper Saddle River, NJ

The beauty of the new 2018 Audi A4 is that you don’t have to pick and choose. When you lease one, you’ll reap all of the benefits it has to offer.

Take it from us. At Jack Daniels Audi in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, we offer great lease deals, an expansive inventory, and a convenient location. Let us know how we can help you today.