Audi’s quattro® All-wheel drive system has been the world’s leader since its creation in 1980. Since then, other brands have been struggling to catch up. Through their philosophy of “Vorsprung durch Technik,” or “Progress through Technology,” Audi has been improving AWD for decades. The latest innovation, quattro® with ultra technology continues the trend.

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Fans of performance driving have known for years that there is no better way to experience All-wheel drive than with quattro®. quattro® works by shifting torque from wheels with poor traction to wheels that have a better grip through the center differential. This transition is a smooth and seamless process with tremendous results.

quattro® can adjust to new conditions in a fraction of a second. The result is superior control over almost any surface.

The most recent addition to quattro®, ultra technology, pairs this unrivaled control with fuel efficiency. Ultra technology allows the vehicle to switch to Front-wheel driving for greater fuel economy. By making this change, the car can save an additional 0.3 l/100 km.

This switch is the result of a dual-clutch system that allows the rear axle to completely decouple. When conditions are good, the car will rely entirely on Front-wheel drive. Don’t think this will affect drive quality. All-wheel drive will engage almost immediately as soon as the car needs it.

Switching from a straightaway to a tight corner, or from dry asphalt to ice will be almost unnoticeable, but you’ll have superior control and traction the entire way. With quattro® with ultra technology, you get all the benefits of AWD with the bonus of extra fuel efficiency.

Which Vehicles Have quattro® with ultra technology?

quattro® with ultra technology is available on the 2017 A4 allroad and the 2018 Q5. You can still get leading traction with conventional quattro® on most Audi models. To learn more about the Audi AWD, contact Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, at (888) 480-0268. You can also shop our inventory for quattro® equipped vehicles online.