Audi brand automobiles have been around for more than 100 years, building upon a progressive line of innovative luxury vehicles. What makes Audi cars unique from other manufacturers is their commitment to excellence, elegance, and winning features that you won’t find anywhere else. From their history to their features, there’s a lot to look forward to when choosing an Audi.

A History of Audi Cars | Unique and Inspiring

Audi is the result of over a hundred years of finely-crafted German engineering. Pioneer August Horch began created various forms of the Audi Automobilwerke since 1909.

When Audi merged with Horch, DKW and Wanderer in 1932, the Audi brand solidified and inspired highly innovative designs and amazing features in each model. In fact, the 1932 Audi Front was the first European car with a combined six cylinder engine with front wheel drive (FWD).

Their legacy for progressive design continues today.

Progressive Features | An Audi Staple

Audi quattro® was designed as the first AWD system for passenger vehicles over thirty five years ago. This design feature means you get a safe, gripping ride in wet weather conditions and more. Stay closer to the road, with safety first.

The Audi TFSI® radically shifts the way your car performs. This high performance engine combines direct injection with forced induction supercharging or turbocharging. What does this mean? You get a more powerful output with even greater fuel efficiency. Why improve the engine when you can reinvent it?

Audi ultra® lightweight technology proves that less is more. Lighter, better performing materials ensure that Audi cars move swifter, quicker, and just as durably as the competition.  

Audi MMI® lets you manage your entire car with ease. Control navigation, entertainment, interior features and ride dynamics on select models with style and elegance.

Audi connect® lets you drive smarter. Connect with Google Earth™ to find your destination, up to date weather reports, fuel prices, and more. Connect in more ways than one by linking up your computer or smart-phone to your car.

A Wide Variety of Audi Models

From sporty sedans to chic coupes, SUVs, crossovers, and wagons, there’s an Audi to meet anyone’s needs. Each model comes in a variety of trims, with comfortable interior designs and obsessive exterior designs to match your passion. Audi also leads the green revolution with Audi e-tron®, plug-in hybrid electric technology that makes long trips worry-free and eco-friendly.

Immerse yourself in a new perspective. The Audi Life blog reinforces their commitment to fearless exploration and their passion for innovation with travel tips, consumer information, and even healthy lifestyle recipes for adventurous drivers on-the-go. Live life full and rich with Audi.

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